In order for coffee to qualify as decaffeinated, it must have at least 97 % of its caffeine removed. Coffee beans are decaffeinated by softening the beans with water and using a substance to extract the caffeine. The goal is to extract the caffeine with minimal loss of flavour. Substances used to remove the caffeine may directly or indirectly come in contact with the beans and so the processes are referred to as direct or indirect. Some of our coffees are decaffeinated using the chemical-free French or Swiss Water Process (WP). During the process green beans are soaked in hot water for several hours to remove the caffeine. The beans are then removed and the remaining water is passed through a carbon filter which extracts the caffeine. The same decaffeinated water is reintroduced to the beans to allow re-absorption of the flavour components and the result is that caffeine is the only material removed and no strength or flavour is lost.

Name Roast Description
Colombian Bogota Decaf

2 – Medium

A full bodied medium roast decaf with a rich and winey flavour with mild acidity.

Dark French Decaf

4 – Dark

A touch of Paris without the caffeine

Natural Decaf Colombia

2 – Medium

CO2 is used to remove the caffeine, which unlike water does not remove the flavour.  What you get is a nutty aroma with a dark chocolate taste and a heavy body that finishes very clean.

Water Process Decaf Coconut Macaroon

2 – Medium

Central and South America coffee beans with the flavour of toasted coconut and delicious soft sweet vanilla biscuit.

Water Process Decaf Dark Roast FTO

5 – Dark French

A fair trade organic coffee with a well balanced satisfying mix of bittersweet chocolate and cashews.

Water Process Decaf Thailand FTO

2 – Medium

Roasted to a full medium to produce a fruity, sweet cup with a pleasant flowery fragrance. Well balanced with a delicate body and rich undertones, it offers an exceptionally vibrant beginning with a clean finish.

Water Process Decaf Vanilla Hazelnut

2 – Medium

Creamy vanilla with earthy hazelnut combine to create a perfect combination of contrasting flavours.