Fair Trade & Organic

Name Roast Description
Colombian Dark (FTO)

3 – Medium-Dark

Exceptional dark roasted full-bodied coffee.

Dark Roast Blend (FTO)

4 – Dark

A satisfying mix of bittersweet chocolate and cashews.  Well balanced and flavourful cup.

Espresso Toscano (FTO)

1 – Light

A complex medium dark flavour with hints of caramel and nuts.

Espresso Verita (FTO)

1 – Light

A very smooth espresso with a wine-like finish of currants and citrus notes.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (FTO)

2 – Medium

Bright and vivacious! This coffee is aromatic with hints of citrus, nutmeg and spice.

Guatemala (FTO)

2 – Medium

Sharp and bright! A complex and delightful cup, full of tang and zest.

Mexican (FTO)

2 – Medium

A rich well balanced coffee. Smooth flavours fall against a subtle floral canvas.

Mocha Java (FTO)

2 – Medium

A pure mixture of fine Ethiopian Mocha with estate grown Javas.  The result is a medium bodied coffee with a nutty flavour.

Nicaragua Dark (FTO)

3 – Medium-Dark

Creamy chocolate and caramel aroma, with a silky mouth feel and clean finish.

Nicaragua Medium (FTO)

3 – Medium-Dark

An aromatic, full bodied, rich and creamy cup.

Peru (FTO)

2 – Medium

This coffee boasts herbal and floral aromas with rustic accents on the finish.

Sumatra (FTO)

3 – Medium-Dark

Mildly earthy aromas and hints of caramel enhance this chocolaty coffee.

Sumatra Dark (FTO)

5 – Dark French

Full bodied yet smooth with sweet nutty notes and bold flavours of caramel and chocolate.

Thailand (FTO)

2 – Medium

Roasted to a full medium to produce a fruity, sweet cup with a pleasant flowery fragrance. Well balanced with a delicate body and rich undertones, it offers an exceptionally vibrant beginning with a clean finish.

Thailand Dark (FTO)

3 – Medium-Dark

These beans are slow roasted to create a dark, exotic cup with an intensely bold richness. Vibrant and earthy fragrance, this dark roast has a heavy body with a pleasant, slightly tart acidity. A sweet taste with a hint of smoky flavour, it finishes with a hint of caramel and macadamia nut.

Wild Hills FTO

2 – Medium

Well balanced, sweet citrus with chocolate undertones.