Light/Medium Roasts

Name Roast Description
Acid Jazz

1 – Light

Sweet candied aromas with a red apple sweetness and clean syrupy body.

Blue Pacific

2 – Medium

A smooth and rich tasting coffee with a nice medium body.

Broadway Blend

2 – Medium

A light bodied coffee with sharp undertones.

Colombian Bogota

2 – Medium

A mild body with winey character.

Colombian Supremo

2 – Medium

A complex coffee that starts off with a mild body but storms in with a deep winey flavour.

Costa Rica Tarrazu

2 – Medium

From the region of Tarrazu this classic tasting medium bodied coffee gets its distinguishing marks from the volcanic soil of the Costa Rican valleys.  A full city roast coffee with medium body, moderate acidity and sharp, distinctive flavour.


1 – Light

Flavour of caramel, milk chocolate sweetness with a clean, well balanced body.

Kenya A.A.

1 – Light

Coffees from this beautiful part of the world are noted for their great acidity and complex citrus character. A deep flavoured delight.

McQuarrie’s Blend

2 – Medium

A full flavoured coffee that has a rich body and complex character.

Mocha Java

2 – Medium

A pure mixture of fine Ethiopian Mocha with estate grown Javas.  The result is a medium bodied coffee with a nutty flavour.

Nicaragua Medium (FTO)

3 – Medium-Dark

An aromatic, full bodied, rich and creamy cup.

Shaughnessy Estate

2 – Medium

A full bodied blend that brings out the best of every region.

Sumatra Mandheling

2 – Medium

A malty full-bodied coffee from the exotic island of Sumatra. Extremely rich flavour and smooth on the palate.