Green Tea

Contains Caffeine

Green tea is a drink made from the steamed and dried leaves of the Camellia sinesis plant, a shrub native to China. Green tea is reported to be high in anti-oxidants and believed by many to have numerous health benefits.

Name Description
Bancha Keiko

The cup is sweet with slight greenish notes and a smooth taste. This tea is traditionally made at the end of the growing season. It generally has less caffeine and tannins than other finer green teas.

Chunmee Organic


Full bodied, delicate flavour with toasty notes.  Mellow smokiness lending to sweet tobacco or plum character.

Dragon Pearls

Smooth with delicate and pleasing flavour with some strength and body.

Dragon Well Lung Ching

A full-bodied tending astringent (brisk) with a slight heady bouquet. Good green tea flavour with a bright green infusion.

Formosa Gunpowder

A green tea with strength and captivating green tea taste. The tight curl gives gunpowder long shelf life and is prized for this attribute.


Pale greenish yellow liquor has strength and a captivating fresh green tea aroma noting early spring growth.


Light golden yellow liquor with a unique toasty rice flavour tending sweet.

Green Yunnan White Tips

Produced in the Chinese province of Yunnan, this outstanding organic Yunnan has a mild, aromatic flavour with a hint of sweetness and a finish similar to write tea.


A full flavoured green tea that has a satisfying light refreshing character.  Tending pleasantly vegetative with some briskness.

Hojicha Organic

Roasted green tea with a full-bodied character and cinnamon-like toast notes. A unique taste that many tea drinkers enjoy.

Lucky Dragon Hyson


Bold and full flavoured with hints of pine on the finish. An excellent example of a robust China green tea.

Matcha~Izu Gyokuro

The Japanese consider matcha a nourishing tea because of its high concentration of vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and antioxidants. It has a mild taste and when prepared it is the colour of jade. Please feel free to request a handout with brewing instructions with purchase of this tea. 


Sultry sweet notes peek from deep full flavoured seasonal green tea. Deliciously vegetative, it has low caffeine content and very high antioxidant level. Please feel free to request a handout with brewing instructions with purchase of this tea.

Moon Swirl White Tip

Lightly astringent with a magnificent green tea profile.

Mountain Dragon Green

Full flavoured green tea roars gently with light bakey notes, grass and subtle eucalyptus.

Pearl River


Full green tea flavour with delicate pungency and body. Satisfying cup tending bright forest green color.

Pinhead Gunpowder

Notice the tightly rolled leaves. A green tea with surprising body and captivating almost nutty green tea taste.


Tending light liquoring and smooth with reasonable depth and body. Often used in tea ceremonies.

Sencha Fuji Organic

Delicious green tea character with depth, body and some pungency.  Cup tends bright forest green.