Oolong Tea

Contains Caffeine

In Chinese Oolong means “Black Dragon”. These are semi-fermented teas grown in Southeast China and Taiwan. The top quality teas have an elegant and flowery taste, some with a sweet peach note or a milky flavour. The word Formosa (Taiwan) comes from the Portuguese Ilha Formosa, meaning “Beautiful Island”.

Name Description
Caramel Oolong

The popular Se Chung Oolong blended with caramel pieces (contains milk products) calendula petals, and caramel flavour.

Formosa Jade Oolong

Growing in an altitude of about 6000 feet in the Tung Ting mountains of Taiwan, this is one of the best Oolong teas available. It is just slightly fermented, brews a bright pale green-golden coloured infusion with an excellent flavour and sweet peach note.

Formosa Oolong

Smooth and slightly sweet; toasty with a touch of dryness. Enjoyed best with company.

Ginger Lemon Oolong

Finest Se Chung Oolong blended with natural ginger lemon flavour.

Jasmine Orchard Oolong

Non and semi fermented teas in perfect harmony, married together with orchard fruits.

Orange Blossom Oolong

Wildly exotic. Toasty roundness with fruity jasmine notes. Stunning as an iced tea.

Quanzhou Milk Oolong

Guangzhou Milk Oolong is a unique semi-fermented tea from the Wuju mountains in China. The delightful creamy fragrance and light milky taste comes from sudden climate changes in the growing region.

Se Chung Oolong

Smooth cup with exotic flavour notes. Light colour tending yellowish cup.

Slimming Oolong


Floral-like orchid notes with a smooth and haunting finish. This is an excellent vintage Ti Kuan Yin which has no calories when consumed without milk or sugar.

Sweet Watermelon Oolong

What can we say?  Ripe, juicy, sunset pink, thirst quenching, real! Simply doesn’t get any better.