Caffeine Free

This “tea” comes from South Africa and is also known as “Red Tea” or “Red Bush Tea”. As a healthy alternative to soft drinks, rooibos, with its polyphenols, iron, zinc, fluoride, calcium, magnesium and anti-oxidants offer numerous health benefits. It is offered in regular or with 100% natural flavours added. Green rooibos contains even more of the antioxidants and flavonoids that have made Rooibos so popular. The taste is a mild unmistakable Rooibos flavour.

Fermentation turns the leaves from green to deep red and gives a slightly sweet note.

Name Description
Almond Amaretto Biscotti

Memories of St. Marks Square in Venice.  Opens with the goodness notes of rooibos finishing with deliciously sweet Italian Amaretto.

Apple Strudel with Pistachio

Delicate almonds and pistachios in a fruity blend, like drinking apple strudel in a cup.

Apricot Rooibos

Blended with finest South African Rooibos, flower blossoms and natural apricot flavour

Belgian Chocolate Rooibos

Cocoa truffle notes are brought to the fore with fruity rooibos.  A chocolate lover’s paradise is heightened with the addition of cocoa bean pieces.

Blueberry Bang Rooibos

Sprightly fresh fruit character that conjures memories of tiny flavourful blueberries. The aroma portends a wonderful taste experience. Makes a great iced tea.

Bourbon Street Vanilla

Fruity with sweet notes. Vanilla flavouring gives the rooibos a wonderful exotic jazzy depth.

Chai Rooibos

Mouthwatering Malabar spices combine with sweet rooibos to create a warm and comforting treat. Milk adds a lovely creamy note and brightness in the cup.

Cherry Rose Rooibos

Excellent combination of cherry, rose and rooibos.  Sweet cherry notes tempered with hints of caramel.  A clean finish.

Chocolate Coconut

Delicate chocolate meets exotic coconut- a heavenly taste.

Chocolate Mint Rooibos

Mellow chocolate flavour with hints of spearmint. An aromatic blend that is both fresh and clean on the palate.

Cinnamon Cha Cha

A synergy between rooibos and the light hot taste of cinnamon. Orange petals impart a subtle mystery to the finish.

Cinnamon Orange

Cinnamon and orange rocks! This new flavour is as good as it sounds.

Cranberry Cream Rooibos

Finest South African Rooibos blended with sliced dried cranberries, safflowers and natural cranberry cream flavour.

Crème Au Caramel

The opening bars are sweet toffee notes building to a full symphonic caramel.

Dutch Licorice

Memories of Amsterdam as aniseed imparts a sweet candy-like pungency on tangy licorice.

Earl Grey Cream Rooibos

It was quite a job to perfect this flavour combination, but here it is! This is a well balanced, harmonious blend that gives you the Earl Grey Cream flavour without the caffeine.

Earl Grey Rooibos

For those that love Earl Grey without the caffeine!

Ginger Bounce

Bright clean taste with superb ginger notes. A palate refreshing spicy character combined with a fruity touch. Excellent with Asian cuisine.

Hot Chocolate

Flavoured blend of rooibos and spices. In this tasty combination of premium spices and fine cocoa kernels refined with a delicate chocolate taste, you will find a wonderful, low calorie alternative to the popular classic.

Lemon Cream Rooibos

Delicate herbaceous notes, a light lemon flavour with a slight tart finish.

Orange Ginger

Refreshing green rooibos with subtle orange flavour with a clean ginger finish.


A new flavour that features flower blossoms and natural passion fruit flavour.

Pear Vanilla

Blended with finest South African Rooibos Tea, flower blossoms and pieces of vanilla and natural pear/vanilla flavour.


Bursting with fruit flavour, the aromatic lavender ensures this blend is not overly sweet.

Pumpkin Spice Rooibos

Blended with finest South Aftrican Rooibos, spices, flower blossoms, and natural spicy pumpkin flavour.

Raspberry in Paris

Sprightly notes of raspberry come to the fore with light overtones of rooibos. A perfect raspberry jam finish.

Rhubarb Cream

Finest South African Rooibos, blended with dried pieces of rhubarb, safflowers, and natural rhubarb cream flavour.

Rooibos Green


Organic rooibos that is not oxidized with a sweet pleasant cup and delicate herbaceous notes. It has a light fruity finish and provides many health benefits as it contains vitamins, minerals and is an excellent source of polyphenols.

Rooibos Red


Reddish infusion with sweet, tending fruity flavour notes.  Enriched with nutrients such as iron, potassium, calcium and fluoride.

Sea Buckthorn Cream

Exquisite green rooibos refined with macadamia nuts and sea buckthorn berries and the delicate taste of cream and caramel.

Sweet Almond

Naturally sweet, almond and cinnamon combination.

Sweet Peach Rooibos

A nice light tasting cup with a subtle peach flavour tending slightly sweet.

Thai Lemon Ginger

Light ginger hot with sweet lemon and tropical fruit highlights.

Turmeric Lime

Citrus and spice make this tea very nice.