White Tea

Contains Caffeine

White tea is unique compared to any other teas. Not only is it harvested from special varietal tea bushes, but is processed very differently too.  Only special    “2 leaves and a bud” are selected.  After the tea has withered and dried, it is painstakingly hand sorted-no pan firing or steaming or fermentation; just pure tea.

Name Description
China Tian Shan Yin Hao

The leaves of this tea are curled and have a silver and white sheen. This rare tea from China tastes deliciously fresh and has subtle sweet notes.

Cream Earl Grey White Tea

An exceptionally flavourful Earl Grey accented with a delicious creamy taste. Superb union of seasonal white tea and natural flavours.

Monk’s Blend White Tea

Smooth with Madagascar vanilla notes and a touch of grenadine pungency.  Sweet pecan-like finish.

Ontario Ice Wine White Tea

Smooth and silky with light Riesling and berry notes. A mild astringent finish.

Pai Mu Tan

Clear slightly pale cup with a fresh aroma and smooth velvety flavour. Delicate jammy notes reminiscent of Keemun or a mild Bordeaux.

Peach Ginger White Tea

The famous tea from China carefully blended with flower blossoms and a very special combination of natural peach and ginger flavour.

Silver Moonlight

Description coming soon!


Visually not a typical white tea, since it is sun dried after special rolling. Its pleasant, toasty, character is astringent and full flavoured.

White Downy Organic

A beautiful white tea with lots of silvery white buds and leaves.  It has a subtle sweet note and a very flowery aroma.

White Monkey

A fluffy leaf, bright green cup and mellow taste characterize this fascinating tea from China.