Nicaragua Medium (Flora) Direct Trade Organic




Nicaragua Light Roast – Flora Blend

Direct Trade & Organically Farmed Light Roast

Creamy & silky with notes of chocolate & caramel

Our supplier for this coffee purchases it directly from the farmers in the world’s best coffee growing regions to produce a product that is not only delicious, but also ethically sourced and organically farmed.

Our supplier finds that the direct trade process not only gives them peace of mind when selling their coffee, but also the ability to control flavour and quality. They work directly with farmers who are passionate about growing coffee and want to produce the best coffee possible. These direct trade partners receive approximately 30-40% more money for their coffee than the other well-known certification’s published rates.

Roast: 1  Flavour/Acidity: rich/low  Body: full  Region: Nicaragua (Nueva Segovia & Jinotega Regions)

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Weight N/A

100g bag ($4.50), 250g bag ($11.25), 1lb bag ($20.50), 500g bag ($22.50), 2lb bag ($41.00)


Turkish (Finest Grind Possible), Espresso (For electric espresso makers), Espresso (For stovetop espresso makers), Extra Fine (For manual drip & cone-shaped paper filters), Fine (For basket-shaped paper filters), Medium (For permanent mesh filters), Coarse (For French Presses and Percolators), Open Pot (AKA cowboy coffee), Whole Bean


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