Peppermint – Two Leaves and a Bud




We source our organic peppermint from a US farm outside of Lake Moses in Eastern Washington State where the climate is hot and dry and the farm is irrigated by water from the Grand Coulee Dam. The fresh, pure aroma of this 100% pure peppermint will lift your spirits and quiet your mind. Read more about this USA Grown Peppermint tea (and why it’s so cool!) in our blog.


Caffeine Level

no buzz, nada, zip


Organic peppermint

Origin: Eastern Washington, U.S.A.

Steeping Directions

  • 1 Use 15oz filtered water per sachet.
  • 2 Pour fulling boiling water over sachet.
  • 3 Steep 3-5 minutes.

Brewing Tips

  • Naturally caffeine-free, this tea makes a great after-dinner mint…ideally with a few bites of chocolate.
  • Sun brew this tisane for a refreshing treat: throw a couple sachets in a jar and let it sit in the sun for a few hours.
  • Try infusing in cool water. Add a sachet or to two a glass jar in your fridge and leave overnight.
  • Try co-mingling this tea with others like Chamomile or Better Belly and be your own Blend Master.

Additional information

Weight .068 kg


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