Bai Mu Dan Organic


Harvested only during a brief period in early spring, white tea is the unopened bud of the tea plant. Classic white tea is smooth and savory.


Caffeine Level

light buzz, 1/3 cup of coffee


Organic white tea

Origin: China

Steeping Directions

  • 1 Use 15oz filtered water per sachet.
  • 2 Heat water to 165˚F and pour over sachet.
  • 3 Step 3-5 minutes.

Brewing Tips

  • Use filtered water for the best tasting brew. Minerals in the water can neutralize flavor.
  • Steep for 2 min, then start sipping every 30 seconds unitl you find the sweet spot for your ideal flavor – then remove the sachet.

Contains Caffeine

15 individually wrapped organic whole leaf white tea sachet

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